App programming

Applications for smart devices: Shortly mobile devices have exceeded the mainstream media as a way to access and manage information. With the Mobile World Capital in Barcelona, Catalunya is the center of this transformation.

We can program the app to:

  • Get information from the compass , gyroscopes and accelerometers
  • Positioning with GPS and aGPS
  • Interact with the device camera
  • Use proximity technologies (Bluetooth, WiFi, NFC...)
  • Use the microphone and speakers
  • Connect to social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube
  • Remote access to information via Internet
  • Manage online payments
  • Send short messages (SMS ) or email
  • Use BIDI or QR codes ( two-dimensional bar code ) for access control, promotional discounts, applications location...
  • Create an Augmented Reality, combining real elements with virtual items to expand any information.


Check out some of the apps made by javajan at

  • Application development:

    In Javajan we develop software and applications for business, entertainment, communication, education... for mobile devices iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7 and SmartTvs. We use the most appropriate technologies in each case: HTML5, jQuery Mobile... In Javajan we advise you to turn your idea into a functional and intuitive application that takes full advantage of all the possibilities of each terminal or device.

    We program useful applications for business management and productivity: integration with ERP or CRM applications making real-time data, inventory management, location of employees, management of specific business activities, create polls...

    Different Javajan technicians are certified in the iPhone Developer Program and therefore have the ability to publish applications and games on the Apple App Store for distribution. Javajan can publish applications on Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone 7 markets too.

  • Business models

    In addition, we program applications with business models based on the massive use of programmed applications. In these cases, the benefit obtained thanks to the thousands or millions of users who pay a low price for applications, compared to the cost of development. In Javajan we help you to choose the best business model for your application:

    - Sale of the application at a low price, usually priced between 1 and 5 euros for download.
    - Free download application, even during use will occasionally appear some advertisements. Different companies (Google ads, Apple iAd, AirPush... ) responsibles of managing advertisers and revenue. Any company could use this model to give applications for customer loyalty.
    - If the application manages money or payments, you can pay a transaction fee. The same model is used to sell music, images or other digital products via the mobile device.
    - The Freemium Model ( you can use the application for free but you will have to pay to have the same application with advanced functionalities.

  • The future of new technologies

    In Javajan we are prepared to meet the new technology, for example smart television (SmartTVs) that will use the same operating system Android. Sony, LG, Samsung and other manufacturers soon will flood the market with this new technology that promises to be present in most homes.