The professional response
We want to be your ally, answering your questions and guiding you in the road to success. Internet is a complex world in constant evolution. Being up to date and able to adapt to change is key to take advantage of each new development. You can rely on the expertise of our multidisciplinary team. We guarantee the best answer.

  • Do you have a website and you want to increase visitors? Improve your image? Update the contents?
    We study your case and offer you exactly what you want.
  • Have you thought about opening an online store? Do you know how to overcome the distrust of some users when shopping online? We explain you the advantages of electronic commerce and the best strategy.
  • You know that social networks (Facebook, Twitter...) are an opportunity for your business? We explain how to take advantage.
  • Do you want to know which legal requirements your site must meet in terms of information, data protection, copyright...? We inform you about the rules on your case and, if necessary, we handle the necessary paperwork.
  • Content development

    Quality and interest of the contents of your website are essential to attract users attention and make them get your message optimally. We help you to elaborate the best content, text and graphics to make your Internet communication attractive, suggestive, effective. In terms of web content, Javajan offers:

    - Text writing, correction and optimization.
    - Graphics and multimedia elaboration: photos , infographics, videos, audios...
    - Creation of banners, animations...
  • Translation service: Javajan provides you the translation of the content of your website, through partners and confidence in the sector.