Hosting & Domains

Javajan brings you all the resources you need, with an optimal combination of power, reliability and price.

Generic domains: .com | .net | .org | .biz | .info
Territorial domains: .eu | .es |
(among other)
  • Domain registration and maintenance

    The domain is your identity on the network. Get a domain that identifies and distinguishes you, that expresses what you want to transmit. Do it before someone pass you. Because your website is unique.

    Javajan can register any domain immediately that it is free. If you already have a registered domain and want us to manage it for you, we handle the procedures of the transfer from another registrar. We can register domains with any of the extensions provided in the market.

  • Website hosting

    We have high-performance servers with different configurations to satisfy any hosting need. We offer different plans of standard and customized hosting (dedicated server, sized hosting...), always with the best service and price in the market. We are so convinced of our competitiveness that if, you discover another company offering a better price after you hired our hosting plans, we promise to return the money to match the offer of competence. Guaranteed!

    Ask for a budget web hosting and we will adapt it to current market prices.

    See our Hosting Plans
    Resources Previous Start Advance Gold Premium
    Monthly transfer 1 Gb 2,5 Gb 5 Gb 10 Gb 20 Gb
    Reserved space on hard drive 200 Mb 500 Mb 800 Mb 1600 Mb 3000 Mb
    MySql Database 5 Mb 10 Mb 25 Mb 50Mb 100 Mb
    Mailboxes 5 10 25 50 Unlimited
    Antivirus and antispam
    Private FTP
    Access detailed statistics
    CGI, Perl and PHP Programming
    Automatic backups
    Access to log files
    SSL Secure Server
    24x7x365 Monitoring
    Availability higher than 99.9%

  • Email

    Linked to web hosting, we offer all the mailboxes you need, with all the guarantees of reliability and safety. Secure email platforms, with effective spam filtering and antivirus. We also provide complementary services: webmail, redirecting mail, auto-responses, gateway accounts...

  • Permanent support

    Hosting and email services are accompanied by a permanent support to solve any issue quickly and efficiently via email