Loyalty platform

Moneder platform video demo:

Customer loyalty platform

The platform is a very versatile, innovative and economic web application that:

  • Allows customer loyalty of a commerce, a business association, neighborhood, city or country.
  • Adapted to the specific needs of each commerce or business association .
  • Take the maximum potential of mobile applications, without forgetting the benefits of loyalty cards.

Customer loyalty is achieved by communication (CRM) and monetary rewards that customers can accumulate to spend on the same commerce or other association businesses.

Moneder platform makes available to businesses different options to identify customers:

  • Loyalty cards
  • ID Card
  • APP: allows to identificate in a commerce through QR, NFCtag, GPS or map, beacons or geo-positioning.

Moneder platform is in continuous development, but the functionalities of the basic intranet and the app are already programmed and tested. Ask for a password or a test environment to test the potential of the Moneder platform and its app, or ask us for a meeting to introduce you better the Moneder platform, its functionality and an adapted budget to your needs.