Online marketing

Take advantage of the great showcase of the network. We offer the best solutions in positioning and online marketing for your website to get maximum visits.

  • Positioning and search engine promotion

    Appearing in the top positions of a search engine is fundamental to increase the number of visits and stand out from the rest. We study your case, we offer the best strategy to improve your positioning. We optimize, add titles, descriptions and keywords to code of your website, to improve positioning in major search engines.

    We offer highly efficient payment systems to get the views you are looking for: Google Adwords, specialized in portals, creation and management of banners, etc. With pay per click systems we guarantee you total control over your spending on advertising because you can make the most profitable investment.

  • Design, programming and sending newsletters

    The newsletters are periodic bulletins, useful for customer loyalty and user information

    We program systems that allow to elaborate custom newsletters and manage shipments, efficiently and easily. We also include newsletters to your website, optionally in RSS format, such that users can easily register and see all the published editions.

  • Promotion in social networks

    The social networks and other Web 2.0 applications (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Youtube, Instagram, Blog... ) offer to professionals and companies great opportunities to enhance their online presence.

    Facebook company pages specific for promoting your website on the net.

    We implement Addthis: An open source tool that can be implemented on any web page. This tool allows users that consider the information in a display is interesting, can print it, email it to who they want, or to publish it in almost 300 pages, including social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Google+.