Used technologies

Our team of layout and programming uses the latest web technologies appropriate to each project, following the new trends and new programming tools.

Programming tools:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Javascript
  • PHP
  • AJAX

Specific tools:

  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery
  • jQuery Mobile
  • Laravel

Automatic adaptation of the web to all technology decisions by Bootstrap

  • Bootstrap

    Bootstrap is a framework originally created by Twitter, which lets you to create web interfaces with CSS and JavaScript with the particularity of optimally adapt the interface of the website to fit the device what is displayed. The website automatically adapts to fit a PC, tablet or any other device. This technique of design and development is known as "responsive design" or adaptive design.

    The benefit of implementing Bootstrap on a website, it is primarily that the website automatically adapts to the logged in device. By using media queries, which are CSS3 modules that allow the representation of content according to screen resolution and working likewise the dimensions of content percentages, a very fluid web can adapt to almost any shape measurement is obtained automatically.

    Everyday we value more this tool, as the global trend is the Internet consultation and management through mobile devices and tablets.

  • jQuery

    jQuery is a free Javascript library , the main objective is to simplify the tasks of creating web pages, according to the terms of Web 2.0, which works in all modern browsers. On the other side, is said that jQuery helps us to focus on the site design, completely abstracting all specific features to each browser. Another major advantage of jQuery is that it focuses on simplifying the scripts and access/modify the contents of a website. jQuery adds an impressive quantity of new effects to JavaScript, which can be used in your websites.

    The controlled actions by JavaScript can be rolling out a menu, display, no display or change text and images, make calculations and show results, show warning messages (for example for missing data in a form) and "animated effects" in general.

  • jQuery Mobile

    jQuery Mobile Framework is definitely a product that is widely used in the coming years. We're attending to the revolution of mobile devices with Internet access and this framework, based on the popular jQuery, will become the best partner for the development of web sites oriented to the segment of web consumers in mobility.

    jQuery Mobile is an effective framework and unified to program your mobile web application. With jQuery Mobile can guarantee a consistent appearance and behavior across different mobile platforms. JQuery Mobile philosophy is to be consistent in both high-end devices and less powerful devices, like those without JavaScript support and still provide the best possible experience.